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"It’s An Inside Job"

Can you Identify With These Feelings/ Facts?         

  •  You had to delay pursuing your dreams /passions for whatever reason to fulfill other obligations/responsibilities/commitment, or simply because "Life Happened"? You are NOT alone!​

  •  People have used unkind words like you are "Not Good Enough”, at home, and in the workplace which kept you stymied, and created low self-esteem? You are NOT alone! ​

  • You’ve struggled with insecurities, and became self-conscious/insecure because your appearance did not coincide with the magazine Barbie doll model or jock or hunk from past experiences at different periods in your life. You are NOT alone! 

  • You were unfairly denied numerous times in different capacities, which created hurt feelings, anger, and resentment. You are still carrying this wound, holding a grudge, fearful of been taken advantage of. Are you now afraid of being vulnerable, trusting others, and taking risks; thus causing doubt, indecision and fear. You are NOT alone! 

  • Feeling loss of self/self-identity. Lack of confidence in yourself from past circumstances, you need support and clarity in understanding what happened to you; and you want to awaken & define who you are, grow & take action comfortably and feel confident to go into the world...You are NOT alone!

  • Has the feelings of abandonment, anger, unjust treatment, prejudices been so severe that you come to the solution; "I am better off alone and I do better by myself"....You are NOT alone! 

  • You’ve experienced turbulence, trusting your own reasoning, relying on your knowledge, resisting being in-control (your way is the best way) instead of standing in your power while seeking support. You are NOT alone!

  • In the midst of affliction, tired of the cul-de-sac or powerlessness at (home, job, marriage, relationships). All that you want is BALANCE, HARMONY, ABUNDANCE and FREEDOM. You are NOT alone!

  • You know you are called to do something bigger but are mystified and don’t have the valor to do it? You are NOT alone!

  • Are YOU ready to discover your passion and boldly find your place in the world, so you can live with purpose?

  • Are YOU ready to release the hidden forces that lie sleeping within you?

  • Are YOU ready to awaken your talent, ability, ambition, vision and determination to cause you to go forth and claim what's rightfully yours?

  • Are YOU ready to overcome your personal limiting beliefs, such as indecision, doubt, fear, procrastination and self-sabotage; and make your dreams a reality?

  • Are YOU ready to contribute to the planet by using your voice, gift, or talent "to soften the disappointments and minimize the hardships of new generations and generations yet unborn?”

  • Are YOU ready to take control of your life, create your own potential and not buy into the idea that this right here, right now, is as good as it gets?

At AIYL we cultivate Passion & Purpose.
We help our clients discover their passion; boldly find their place in the world so they can live with Purpose by recognizing the forces that lie sleeping within them.
Discover– Your Passion
Awaken – The forces Within
Release – Your Limiting Beliefs

Align - with Your heart's Desire
Live – A fulfilled & Purposeful Life
Feel- Enriched & Empowered!
Be the Shift. Stop Waiting for It!If this is YOU….          


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