Experienced. Certified. Supportive.

Hello! My name is Adejoke (Ade) Paul, founder and principal of Ade In Your Life. As a Courage Coach a personal crusade of mine is to encourage people to embrace their radiance or joie de vivre, own their voice and fulfill their potential. Born with the entrepreneurial seed, inquisitiveness for academia and a zeal for personal development and self-improvement , my professional accreditation include receiving a Masters’ of Business Administration (MBA) in Management, a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Psychology with minors in French and Spanish. Then continued my education at four different accredited Coaching, Nutrition and Culinary institutions in New York & California, where I acquired an associate degree, certifications & licenses as a Professional Chef in Culinary Arts, Certified Holistic Health Coach (CHHC), licensed Nutritionist (LPN) and an Life/Executive Coach (CLC). These memorable events, mosaic educational expedition, life experiences encouraged me to transform my lifelong passion of autonomy, self-mastery and purpose into Adé in Your Life (AIYL). Striving to lead by example with my academic, socio-cultural and professional background my client ages range from young, to the well- seasoned, and are diverse from all walks of life. AIYL offers coaching to businesses that vary in size, from small businesses to large corporations, and organizations. These businesses as diverse as the individuals who work for them, share a desire to achieve a better all-around working environment, with improved services, and growth for the employees and the corporation. My habitual behavior from early in life to tell people that “They Could” stemmed from a core belief in those two words. I am gratefully, grateful for the privilege of having empowering, reassuring, supportive parents, family, and many great mentors and teachers, formal, and informal. My personal life has seen its share of trials, and tribulations, which gives me the opportunity to say to people, I have been up “Real High” and down “Real Low”. My personal journey is an unparalleled asset in my goal to serve you better. Having worked in various roles in different countries, on several continents, never have I felt more satisfaction than in my guided decision through my journey to pursue coaching as a full-time profession. I have more than 26 years of life and work experience that have prepared me, along with what I define as “A Spiritual Talent” or this role. As a Courage Coach, I help my clients align with their heart’s desires to create the lives they've always dreamed of while cultivating sustainable improvements to their quality of life. This is my desire for you all to learn that "It’s An Inside Job" and that you’re not alone.


276 Fifth Ave, NY, NY 10001