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What My Clients Are Saying


Having Ade  in my life is like having Dr. Oz, Dr. Phil, Oprah and Iyanla all rolled up into one. I was going through life just working and paying bills and I felt stuck. I started working with Ade in January 2016 as my life coach and my life immediately turned around. Adé’s skills as a life coach along with her positive energy, motivation and encouragement has allowed me to take my life and future to another level. Now, I’m in a place where I’m focused and living my life with intention. I wake up every day looking forward to what the day has to bring. I’m learning to let go of my fears, worries and anxiety. I find myself enjoying life more; I find myself even breathing differently (the wonderful breaths that God has given me to breathe). Hiring Adé as my life coach was the best decision and investment that I’ve made. I look forward to continue working with her and excited to see how my future and journey unfolds!!!!.”

Lucrece L.

“Over the past six months, Adé of AIYL has been coaching me through some very big transitions in my life and I could not have maneuvered through these changes with as much authenticity, vulnerability, transparency and grace without her help. Her coaching skills helped me identify and focus on the most important aspects of this change and face the fears that have hindered me so much in the past. She helped me to clearly identify my values and use these as a guide to making life's judgments and changes. Our discussions are forever in my memory and her sensitive and insightful coaching will always guide me.”

Wendy T.

“Meeting Ade was a g-d send with her clarity and vision; I was able to find purpose again in life. .THE 'blocks' that I had in my life were overcome in a short period of time by using Ade’s proven methods that she had learned from her years of study and from her own life experiences. Her friendship and warmth, soft voice and real concern brought calmness to my life that I carried around the whole week. I have a new sense of confidence, vitality, and a willingness to break through barriers that I previously would have shied away from.When people ask me why I’m glowing I just say Ade. I would recommend Ade to anyone who wants to achieve goals they never thought possible. Ade taught me to look to the present and not through the rear view mirror. I could not be where I am today without her guidance.”

Bob K.

“It brings me great joy to relay to all whom may be entertaining thoughts of improving the quality of their lives, my experience(s), in my investing, and working with Adejoke" Paul, (Ade'), Life Coach and owner at Ade' In Your Life, LLC (AIYL). I cannot describe in mere words the fears that I had surrounding "Change", whether it was for better, or worse. The mere thought of anything taking me out of my "Norm" petrified me. I had come to a point.... of being afraid to strive for a better quality of life, but yet, too afraid to settle for where I was in life. Ade's exuberant, inviting, enthusiastic, and high-impact approach to celebrating life is contagious. She patiently listened, carefully administering kind loving care & concern to build up my confidence. She then helped me to take an honest look at my current perception, and thinking which I realized was totally built on lies, fears, anxiety, and doubts. After gaining new insight as to why I had an outdated, and toxic belief system, I readily adopted a much more progressive, and productive way of thinking, and perceiving. I then became ready, and willing to do what Ade' refers to as "An Inside Job"! WOW!! , what a difference Ade' has, and continues to make in my life. I applaud, & recommend Ade' as a Life Coach, and a potential friend to those seeking "Freedom", saturated with an improved "Quality Of Life". Ade's persona, and gentle kind approach is wonderful, and the obvious results you get from working with Ade' are magnificent. In short Ade’ is "Won-DI-Ficent"!!.”

Mathew C.

276 Fifth Ave, NY, NY 10001