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Sustaining Motivation

June 29, 2017



But we cannot merely think our way to sustained motivation;

1)We must work our way towards it;

2) We must put real effort into reaching our ambitions.

3) Without taking steps forward, we never sense the highs of progress and soon the energy is gone and, unsurprisingly, we quit.

4) Don’t forget “that it will take time, effort, blood, sweat and tears; and you will get there.”

5) Muse over; it’s that sweat and toil toward meaningful pursuits that makes us truly live.

6) Remember that nothing keeps motivation sparked more than hard work and the resulting momentum and fulfillment.

7) Continue your efforts toward your ambitions despite fatigue and distraction and hardship-this is the mark of the truly motivated.

8) We want to fall fallacy that we were more motivated because of environmental factors: our back was against the wall, our dad died.

9) The harsh reality is that the motivation happened simply because we were willing and working ourselves forward more often.

10) There was attention. There was effort. Give constant attention and committed effort to your dreams, and your motivation will perpetuate itself.

11) These things were choices- we chose to give more attention and more effort toward something meaningful.

12) Choice energized us; it was our savior, not the grace of changing circumstances, or external factors or dire need or even divine calling-for how many people have heard such a call but chose not to respond. Choosing to respond to circumstances or need or the divine calling emerges us from darkness. Greatness belongs to those who have mastered the ability to focus relentlessly on their ambition and act decisively toward them.

13) Choose an ambition and, with full force, expect that it is possible and that you can make it happen.

14) Demonstrate a positive attitude as you strive for great things and take care to create a supportive environment around you that amplifies your motivation.Unequivocally, the sustaining choices of motivation are attention and effort. Giving our ambitions consistent mental attention keeps the drive alive, our energies swirling in anticipation. This can be as easy as reviewing our goals each day, journaling about our desires each night, regularly setting aside moments to visualize what we want and schedule our next steps. This is where many people fail. The distraction of the day steals their mental focus and thus their motivation.


"We mustn’t let our dreams die in the daylight because we lose focus while responding to the world's noises, lame interests, false emergencies or distractions."




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